City Of Santa Monica

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  • 1427 3rd St Santa Monica, CA 90401 - Santa Monica
    Along the promenade, demand for bike parking often overwhelms supply. Bikes often attached to trees and other less secure objects.
  • 2125 Arizona Ave Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA - Santa Monica
    Sprinklers at 2125 Arizona flood sidewalk on Arizona and 22nd streets. Sprinklers run during the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays wasting water and causing flooding.
  • 17th And Colorado - Santa Monica

    This street has a bike lane, but this intersection does not detect bicycles. When the street was repaved it could have been retuned as suggested in DMV guidelines, but was not. Since this light has no timer, is sensor only, a bicycle is forced to get off and walk or run the red light when 17th, a low traffic road, has no automobile traffic.

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  • 802 Franklin St Santa Monica, CA - Brentwood
    When driving through that intersection at night I hit a pothole that deflated two tires on my car. I am out $715 to replace the tires and alignment.
  • 3200 Nebraska Ave. Santa Monica, CA - US Congressional District CA30
    Street light has been out for about 2 months
  • 1320 Pacific Street Santa Monica, California - Santa Monica
    Light flickers on and then goes out for several minutes. Flickers on again and goes out again
  • 807 Yale St Santa Monica, California - Santa Monica
    Only street light on block and as of 11/20, been out for a week. Creates very dark street, hard to see parked cars
  • 12405 Idaho los angeles, California - Sawtelle
    please replant this tree - it is not living
  • 2101-2199 S Centinela Ave Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA - US Congressional District CA30
  • 1302 Euclid St Santa Monica, California - Santa Monica
    A dead pine tree at the corner of Arizona and Euclid is poised to fall across the sidewalk and into the street. It's about 60 feet tall.
  • 401 Ashland Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA - Santa Monica
    The school at the corner of 4th and Ashland has broken sprinkler heads in its yard. Early each morning the sprinklers turn on and gush huge amounts of water, most of which just runs off into the street. Such a waste!
  • 1312 Pacific St Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA - Santa Monica
    The street lights are out on Pacific Street from 16th to Lincoln Blvd. This is a safety issue; the streets are dark and dangerous after nightfall.