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elders and childrens are watchen all these guys saleing drugs in our neigborhood,this is the quite part of hallock ave. we dont need this.

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  • 310 Howard Ave New Haven, CT 06519 - City Point
    resolution2012. The new trash toters were introduced with attached flyer explaining that the large blue toters are now for recyclables only. The fliers ended up all over the street and many residents (especially in large multi-family buildings) are using both large & small toters for trash. City needs a much more aggressive education program re. proper use of toters--followed by aggressive fining for non-compliance (yet another way to lower our taxes while socking it to those who are trashing our neighborhoods...).
  • South Water St And Sea Street New Haven, CT - City Point

    There has been excessive drug dealing on Sea Street and South Water St, (often done behind the Sound School buildings, dumpsters, etc.) Many residents have observed this on various nights and have called police with car descriptions (and eventually a license plate number, see the SeeClixFix issue entitled "NHPD Dispatch Refuse to Dispatch Officers" for more on this).
    On one night that an officer did respond, he told the resident that called it in that there is nothing he can do "unless the Sound School posts a 'No Trespassing' sign, since it is public property." I am told that the officer then left without getting out of his car.

    While I find this assertion hard to believe, I'd like to request that the city or the school posts appropriate "No Trespassing" signs so that the residents who live here might receive a better police response.

  • 198 Hallock Avenue new haven, Connecticut 06519 - City Point
    The illegal fighting-pit bulls being bred by residents at 198 Hallock AVENUE have been a growing problem for 3 years. The dogs harass neighbors and have attacked neighbors’ dogs. Dogs owners simply tell complainants “Don’t walk by here”. Dogs are left outside unsheltered during inclement weather. Police response thus far has been minimal and ineffective. This is in the 6th WARD, Dolores Colon is the alder.
  • Ella T Grasso / Harbour Close New Haven, CT - City Point
    There have been two Coyote sightings within the past week inside the Harbour Landing Complex. Many people have small dogs in this area. Is this something that the city handles? Perhaps trapping and relocating?
  • drugs saleing Archived
    222 Hollock Ave. New Haven, CT 06519, USA - City Point
    every day u see the guy from 222 hallock ave going to the garbage can at the corner of hallock an second st pulling out a bag,which at certain time of the morning u see a red pick up truck drops a bag in the can and the guy runs out of his house to retrieve the bag,ive seen him on other occasssions sale drugs to different cars that stop in front of this house or on bikes,they only been liven in at that address for only 2 months .this is the best part of hallock ave.and u have childrens playing out there and have hard working people that live in this neigborhood for years,we dont need the drugs in our street this is one part of the hill that is quite and decent,we dont need ur drugs or ur trash in this part of the neigborhood,we would like to see this fix soon
  • 382 Greenwich New Haven, CT 06511, USA - City Point
    Called to report drug activity at 382 Greenwich Avenue. Two numbers listed for "narcotics" on NHPD website under "Important Numbers" Narcotics (203) 946-6287 or 6288. Both had FULL mailboxes so unable to leave any information. Must be alot of drug complaints/reports called in by 3:40pm on a Saturday afternoon or.......
  • 60 S Water St New Haven, CT - City Point
    All of the lights, on the pier, have been vandalized, the glass smashed and the wiring left exposed. Some of these exposed wires might be live - shocking neglect, by the city, of this public space
  • Sound School Boat Ramp - 60 S Water Street City Point New Haven, CT - City Point
    Once more the Pequonnock Yacht Club is using the Sound School Boat ramp. When this issue was looked into last year it was determined that the ramp is not a public use ramp. PYC claimed it was a DEEP ramp and therefore they could use it as they saw fit. When this myth was dispelled the claim was then made that PYC was part owner of the ramp. Records from the tax assessors office proved this wrong as well. Next line of defense from PYC was that they have an "agreement" with the Sound School to use the boat ramp when school is not in session. I spoke with Principal Pin informally 2 weeks ago. To his knowledge at that time there was no such agreement with PYC. Today, I watched as a 25 foot Cuddy cabin type fishing boat tried to manage its way down the ramp..of course using neighboring driveways to help get into position. I approached the person and asked if they were from Schooner or the Sound School and was told they were from PYC. When I advised them they were not to be using the ramp for large motorized water craft this gentleman informed me "they have an agreement with the sound school to use the ramp." I advised him that neither the School principal or people from this neighborhood were aware of any such agreement. I asked why he was not using the PYC boat ramp and was told "we do not have our own ramp." I advised him that last season I had been informed by the PYC liason to the neighborhood that they supposedly had a ramp in West Haven to use. The gentleman responded "that belongs to another yacht club and this one is free." For people living on South Water Street I do not think we want a repeat of last year's antics - the drunken boaters, the public urinating on the sound school property in broad day light, the litter, the loud noise, the hitting of cars by the people trying to get their boats in/out, the excessive traffic the PYC created, and not to mention the parking issues. Last year the police advised South Water residents that unless the Sound School filed a complaint (as this was taking place mostly on their property) there was little that could be done. I encourage everyone to call the Sound School Principal and voice your concern over this matter (203) 946-6937. Let's keep City Point peaceful. Let's not have a repeat of last summer. We agreed not to fight the arrival PYC because they promised to be a "good neighbor"..Let's hold them to their promise.
  • Park @The Corner Of Blvd And Washington Ave. Perhaps Bayview Park? New Haven, CT - City Point
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 76 Howard Ave New Haven, CT - City Point
    Some people who live at 76 Howard Ave (or maybe visitors of people who live there?) have been dumping trash on the premises, on the street, AND on the neighbors' lawns (including used diapers and more), people have been urinating outside between the property and the neighboring properties and making noise and disrupting neighbors at all hours of the day and night. The situation is getting out of hand.
  • 61-69 Howard Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - City Point
    Paste the following into your browser or go the the "City Point" neighborhood watch area and click the issue "speeding" to see Alder Dolores Colon's expected response regarding the use of speed humps/speed tables to effectively address once and for all the chronic and dangerous speeding at the locations cited above, as well as on Greenwich Ave. north of I-95.
  • 80 Second St. new haven, Connecticut 06519 - City Point
    This red motorcycle is part of a gang that regularly terrorizes Greenwich Ave., Howard Ave. and Hallock Ave. by doing wheelies at speeds well over 100 mph. This motorcycle has a different marker plate on it every time I see it. It’s frequently parked at 80-82 Second Street. The current plate on it is for the state of Maine 138 JG
    Its rider is a somewhat overweight Hispanic male named “Johnny”, approx. in his late 20s. His girlfriend lives at 80 Second St. (= 1st floor apt., door on the left), which is why the motorcycle often can be seen parked there.