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  • 416-492 Hammond Pond Pkwy Newton, MA - Newton
    The current speed limit is nothing but a blatant speed trap/revenue maker for Newton. It is outrageous to have a speed limit of 30 mph on this well paved, well lit, 4 lane road.
  • 141 W 2nd St Boston, MA - South Boston
    The intersection of B street and 2nd street has a chicane that prevents the continuation of traffic down B street towards Broadway. This is unnecessary and only causes people to take a long route to Broadway down A street.
  • 117-123 W 4th St Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    This intersection has a traffic light when it looks as if it could be managed by a stop sign.
  • 853 Veterans Of Foreign Wars Pkwy Boston, MA 02132, USA - West Roxbury
    On a divided 2 lane road that serves as a fairly major thru street why can there not be lights that are timed to allow traffic to proceed at 35-40mph?
  • 29-31 Hammond St Newton, MA 02467, USA - Newton
    Terrible design