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The issue of storm water on 157th between Midvale and Stone is a problem that is just getting worse. When it rains there are huge puddles that form along driveways and all along the street now. I have the longest driveway that slopes right down to my garage off of 157th. I have a trench drain at the bottom but it can not keep up with all the water running down from the huge puddles that form on the street. I see no/few storm drains on this street at all and wonder why that is because it is bad in rainy weather. I would not even mind if someone were to show how to divert water into a rain garden or something because the parking strips along the street are really wide and it is city property. Regardless all this water that comes down my long driveway has flooded my garage now multiple times and you can see much of it running right down from the lower areas on the street. If something can be done for everyone along this stretch of the street it would sure be appreciated.

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