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  • 4629 Berrywood Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23464, USA - Virginia Beach city
    cracked youth swing
  • 2854 Kilbourne Court Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23451, Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast

    Upkeep is needed for the pathways and the boardwalk/bridge that connect Beach Garden Park to 30th street, including sections that go around a small section of salt marsh.

    Tree branches overhanging the path need to be trimmed. (This is also true of some sections of the path in the main section of the park.)

    Many of the boards on the bridge are loose and one is completely is sliding sideways and may soon be completely unsupported on one end. Many other boards are disintegrating.

    The asphalt path has many cracks, in one place several inches deep and wide, which poses a safety hazard for bicyclists.

  • 4052 Us-60 Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA - Northeast
    US and Virginia flags tattered and torn. Solid color flags on Atlantic need replacing. Poor visual to welcome tourists and spoiling the Cavalier Grand Lawn. Corner of Atlantic and Pacific in front of the old Cavalier.
  • Nimmo Parkway And West Neck Road Virginia Beach Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    The fountain at Nimmo Parkway and West Neck isn't working.
  • 4765 Ferrell Pkwy Virginia Beach, VA 23464, USA - Virginia Beach city
    Dangerous broken pipe on cement walk path behind school
  • 1466-1472 General Booth Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA - Virginia Beach city
    Broken sidewalk in front of Red Wing Park
  • 125–147 Armon Ave Virginia Beach 23452, United States - North Central
    Kids play basketball and loiter at the Pinewood Gardens Park daily after dark. Basketball and loud voices disturbing the peace. Please add a sign to the entrance of the court that park closes at dark. I do not get peace and quiet after dark. I live directly across from the basketball court.
  • 809 24th St Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA - Northeast
    Abandoned bicycle behind beach middle school.
  • Kilbourne Pl Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA - Northeast
    The grass is well over a foot high and going to seed. I'm sure you got behind in mowing with recent rains, but perhaps the park fell of the list somehow
  • 108 45th Street Virginia Beach, VA - Northeast
    beach access needs clean up trash & roundup and weed eating
  • 1052 Bryce Ln Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    There a floods of mosquitos behind my home in level green park in the college park area of virginia beach. Its overwhelming to the point my daughter and cant want the jogging track because were getting bitten and walking into all sorts of bugs. Please spray as soon as possible.
  • 4323-4345 Us-60 Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    Pavement settlement at East bridge abutment on Shore Drive SUP near the Shore Dr Water PS and Standpipe. Similar settlement at the SUP bridge east of Pleasure House Rd appears to be marked for repair