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  • Independence Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    A pedestrian bridge over I-264 along Independence Blvd. is years overdue. Pedestrians and bicyclists do not have safe or practical passage along Independence Blvd. under I-264.
    Consider the following:
    Pedestrian traffic is prohibited under I-264 along the north bound lanes of Independence Blvd from South Blvd to Bonney Road and it is unsafe for bicycle traffic.
    Pedestrian and bicycle traffic is not advisable under I-264 along the south bound lanes of Independence Blvd from Euclid Road to Baxter Road. The way through is flooded with stagnant water and debris.
    There are no other practical and safe routes for pedestrians and bicycles to reach either side of I-264 along Independence Blvd.
    Having to wait for a HRT bus to travel less than a mile is time consuming.
    Pedestrians from hundreds of housing units off Baxter Road, Alicia Drive, and Wicklow Place and the general public need safe passage to the north side of I-264 to the Town Center vicinity and beyond.
    Pedestrians from the Town Center vicinity need safe passage to the south side of I-264 and beyond.
    Connect pedestrians from Town Center vicinity to Mount Trashmore.
    Pedestrians will need access to the proposed Light Rail station at Town Center.
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    Delaura Ln Va Bch - Northwest
    When turning off of DeLaura onto Baker road it is hard to see oncoming traffic. To the left is shrubbery that is over grown. To the right there is a tree starting to grow and if left uncared for will block the view. The house to the right has extended the privacy fence so it is very hard to see oncoming traffic.
  • 2298 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA - Northeast
    Left turn light onto Virginia Beach Blvd is only allowing six cars at a time to get through regardless of whether there are seven cars or 25 cars.
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    2001-2099 Adam Keeling Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    The small section of road from the newly paved Great Neck Rd to West Great Neck is in poor condition and in need of replacement. The east bound section of the road from the intersection at West Great Neck is rough and unsafe during inclement weather. There is also an issue with the road at the stop light turning south onto Great Neck Rd that needs to be addressed.
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    First Colonial Road/Laskin Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northeast
    Many a time, when in the left turn lane on First Colonial turning east onto Laskin, vehicles in the right turn lane flow into the left lane turning onto eastbound Laskin...PLEASE mark the two lane flow of traffic to prevent future accidents.
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    2222 W Great Neck Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA - Northeast
    Bushes just south of the bike path obscure oncoming traffic and drivers cannot see the cyclists.
  • 2309 Baltic Ave. Virginia Beach Va. 23451, USA - Northeast
    Badly Clogged Storm Drain Grate
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    2108 Oaklawn Court Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    Storm drain abutting my back fence (actually inside back yard of 2019 Rockland Court) severely floods with each rainfall. Please clear the drain.
  • 2641 East Kings Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - North Central
    I am a 15 year old who attends the IB Program at Princess Anne High School. My neighborhood, Chesopeian Colony, suffers anual flooding as a result of a mechanical engineering mistake. This mistake occurred a couple years ago when a construction crew lowered the drain that leads to the bay by a few feet. As a result of the change, when there is a high tide (and increased rainfalls) flooding emerges. We have gotten many of our neighbors to petition. In addition, we got in contact with Bill Bright and he was unable to help the situation. We suffer the most from this mistake because our basement floods when we experience hurricanes such as Mathew. Last November, our entire basement was under 15 inches of water, destroying virtually everything. We have also contacted our neighborhood secretary, Heather Guillespie, and she was unable to help. Please help do right because we cannot experience another destructive and devastating flood. Our reference number is 914 831 45. I can be contacted at 757-630-0062, 757-463-1714, and keenanm1012@gmail.com. I would appreciate any help or references!
  • 4132 First Ct Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    Pavement edge has failed and the erosion is cutting into the travel lane in two locations on the east side of the road. The location is south of the entrance to Bayvile golf clubhouse
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    828-830 Quesnel Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA - Virginia Beach city
    The drain between houses has hole beside the concrete. It needs to be fixed permanently. Putting dirt and rocks in a hole doesn't stop it from happening again. People walk between the homes and someone is going to break an ankle or even get stuck in the hole.
  • 3240 Silina Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    the bushes covering half of the sidewalk it's between home and pump station