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Private Property

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  • 800-888 Old Dam Neck Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA - Virginia Beach city
    Overgrown invasive privet bushes covering sidewalk.
  • 709-713 Houdon Ln Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    This is public and private property. The house at 700 Houdon Lane has a wall of overgrown vegetation on the side of the house. This is partially covering the sidewalk on Witchduck Road.
  • 1900 Old Ridge Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    Public Sidewalk is blocked by overgrown weeds!
  • N Witchduck Rd And Pembroke Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Graffiti on the Jersey Wall located off Pembroke Blvd near N Witchduck Rd
  • 4425 Hermitage Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    The drainage pipe under my driveway seems to have a hole in a pipe joint. I have to dig mud out of the pipe every six months for the water to drain through and you can see in the photo where the concrete has settled due to the loss of soil between the pipe and concrete pavement. I have repaired my driveway a couple of times with quikcrete but it is too cracked and settled for that to work any more. Since the pipe is in the right of way, please let me know when the city can replace the pipe and repair my driveway. The address is 4425 Hermitage Road. Thank you.
  • Centennial Cir Virginia Beach, VA 23456, USA - Virginia Beach city
    The sidewalk is barely 12 inches wide. The problem continues all the way to the park towards the left. The sidewalk is filled with mud when it rains and is impassable for days
  • 612 Declaration Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    i have a tree in front yard 2 ft from the street with a snapped limb that is hanging over half of the street... i tried to pull it towards the trunk of tree but its too heavy..and i cant reach it with a ladder
  • 1364 Sir Richard Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Sink hole developing in south corner of my yard. Over the last month it has grown to about 3 feet across and about three feet deep. City maps show a storm sewer line directly underneath the hole. On the other side of the fence there is a large depression forming close to where the maps indicate a manhole should be located.
  • 1049 Commodore Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA - Northeast
    cracked sidewalk at end if driveway.
  • 624 Counselor Square Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    Inadequate drainage of drainage easements for townhomes. Floods yards and homes. Easement does not meet specifications in handbook for drainage requirements. Need swales installed on sides and rear of townhomes as in drawings B7 or B8 in the public works engineering division specifications and standards. Multiple homes in row of townhomes flood throughout the year. This area of yards is not even in the 100 year flood plain. This is not fair to the homeowners paying taxes and a storm water bill every other month when the actual stormwater isn't going anywhere but in their homes. This is causing property damage and health hazards to these tax paying citizens. PLEASE do something to solve this issue. I have personally been dealing with this for going on 6 years now, even since I bought this property. My name is Dustin Maciag, I am the owner of 624 Counselor Square. Contact phone is 850-698-1804 if anyone would please contact me on this matter.
  • 3613-3617 Silina Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    Sidewalk that is a walking hazard. I was walking and tripped on the uneven sidewalk in front of 3617 or 3713 Silina Drive on 28 November.
  • 2473 Hunting Horn Way Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city

    I categorized this request under “Other” on the Public Works site since I am not sure which category to use.

    I am writing to request your assistance in clearing out and dredging the run-off drainage ditch that runs behind our house. With the buildup of natural debris over the years, this ditch has filled up to an unacceptable level, leading to stagnation and risk of mosquito infestations and flooding. At this moment – Thursday, April 13, 2017 – we have standing water in the ditch even though we haven’t had rain for several days. There is no reason that the water should still be there.

    I am convinced that this high level of debris contributed to our section of the neighborhood being flooded out on October 8-9, 2016 during Hurricane Matthew. There was significant flood damage in our house and the houses of our neighbors as the flood waters rose up to approximately two to three feet above the ground.

    This ditch runs north for approximately 370 feet (according to the VB City map) north from Hunters Run Trail (between Hunting Horn Way and Trapshooter Court) and behind the following houses:

    2465 Hunting Horn Way
    2469 Hunting Horn Way
    2473 Hunting Horn Way
    2477 Hunting Horn Way

    2000 Trapshooter Court
    2004 Trapshooter Court
    2008 Trapshooter Court
    2012 Trapshooter Court
    2016 Trapshooter Court
    2020 Trapshooter Court

    Even though Public Works came out in 2014 (see service numbers 91361917 and 91406992), the clearing work they did was minimal and only involved cutting down brush. The ditch itself needs to dredged so that the runoff water flows more naturally.

    Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.