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  • 326-400 East Prince Street Saint Paul, Minnesota - Downtown

    I just found out about the plan to pull traffic off the 52 bridge directly down Prince Street to the dead-end at Broadway and Prince/4th, the most heavily pedenstrianized area of Lowertown. No meeting was posted to discuss this, so residents were never given an opportunity to point out what an AWFUL IDEA this is! Please CHANGE THIS PLAN so that traffic from 52 will land in a safer, less destructive place. There is no need to destroy one of the only two gardens in Lowertown, or create a high risk traffic situation for residents and visitors.

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  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Hamline Ave South Saint Paul, Minnesota - Macalester-Groveland

    Hamline Ave from Randolph to Grand Ave is one big pothole.

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  • Hamline And Marshall St Paul, MN - Merriam Park

    The traffic on Hamline has increased substantially with the light rail and other construction. But it will probably not subside much after construction is done. Hamline gets terribly backed up when someone needs to make a left hand turn onto Marshall

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  • Douglas Park St. Paul, MN - West Side

    There is a fence with grapevines out of control. The vines are growing into the trees, suffocating all, growing on my house. Weeds are growing rampant. The vines are 20 feet tall, invading my house and garden. The fence is ancient and needs to be replaced. I am extremely fed up. I posted a complaint about this fence over a month ago, and still have not heard anything.

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  • 328 Stevens St W St Paul, MN - West Side

    Douglas Park is a MESS...there are no swings, the surrounding fence is a rusty safety hazard, the sand is full or garbage, feces, and unknowns, and most of the kids in the neighborhood go to other parks to play now. A major face lift, or complete change to the park, would be so great for this community of families with small children. One idea would be to mimic Minneapolis Parks with their free, fenced in splash parks! Douglas Park seems like the perfect place for a splash park!

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  • Pothole Acknowledged
    E Third St st Paul, Minnesota - Dayton's Bluff

    The whole street is in need.. both sides are due to damage your car..the worst I've seen in st Paul.. horrible for ppl heading in or out of downtown!!

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  • 482-508 Fairview Ave S St Paul, MN 55105, USA - Highland

    this whole intersection is a mess

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  • Series of potholes Acknowledged
    Hamline Ave Between Grand And Randolph Ave Saint Paul, Minnesota - Macalester-Groveland

    Extremely dangerous all along the street.

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  • Graffiti Archived
    Childs Road & Warner Road Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, Saint Paul, MN 55106, USA - Dayton's Bluff

    Male genitalia

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  • 1491 Selby Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Merriam Park

    freeway offramps should not be in neighborhoods. connect Ayd Mill to I-94. Save union park before you add 300 more apartments. Here's lookin at you, Ryan Co.

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  • Interstate 94 St Paul, MN 55114, USA - Saint Anthony

    The whole stretch of 94 between Dale and 280 is pretty terrible, but the section near the westbound exit onto 280 is especially suspension-rattling.

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  • Douglas Park Saint Paul, MN - West Side

    This fence is probably 50 years old. Calling it an eye sore is a compliment. The chain link is detached from the top rail by 1 foot in several places. There is a giant tree stump on our property, grown into fence. This is the city of St Paul's tree. The fence is rusty and has many sharp protruding metal pieces. I have insured myself on it several times and cringe every time a kid sticks there arm under it.
    It needs a retaining wall. All the trash and leaves blow into our yard because of the downward slope, and the huge gap between the ground and the chain link. There are chunks of asphalt that also have come loose from what looks to be some attemp from keeping the earth and the trash from relocating.
    This fence is not only ugly, but dangerous. Doulas park neighbors need a new fence.
    We have made several attempts with various city officials to no avail.
    Reported from my mobile device

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