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  • 3166 3290 N Dysart Rd Avondale, AZ - Avondale
    Fire station built but not staffed.
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  • S Mcclintock Dr north of Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283, USA - Optimist Park Nw
    McClintock Road has Bicycle lanes South of Guadalupe Road. North of Guadalupe Road, McClintock has three lanes southbound and two lanes northbound, with two sharp curves near the Fire Station. Motor Vehicles, typuically drive at approximately 53-55 MPH in this area and cannot see bicyclist riding legally in the roadway until the motorist is almost on top of the bicyclist.
    Bicycle lanes on McClintock north of Guadalupe are essential to the safety of the bicyclist and to the northbound smooth flow of motor-vehicle traffic.
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  • JUNK TRAILER Archived
    743 S Del Rio Ct Apache Junction, AZ 85120, USA - Apache Junction
    This pickup box trailer has been sitting in this yard for several years. I have complained cut nothing happens. Get rid of it.
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  • S Rittenhouse Rd And East Village Loop Rd N Queen Creek, AZ - Queen Creek
    the traffic sign alerting of the right lane becoming a turn only lane does not give sufficient time for thru traffic to respond during heavy volume of traffic at commute time. suggest another sign be placed prior to the curve.
    currently there is a substancial increase is horns honking, tires skidding and people yelling. as my back yard is subject to this. any help would be appreciated.
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  • 6502 W. Mescal St. Glendale, AZ - Glendale
    U.S. and U.S. Navy Seal Flags in terrible shape, resident refuses to take down.
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  • S Rittenhouse Rd Queen Creek, AZ - Queen Creek
    A light is needed at the intersection of Cloud and Rittenhouse. Several accidents have occurred. The strange angle makes it difficult to turn onto Rittenhouse. The sun makes it difficult to see in morning and light from oncoming traffic makes it difficult at night.
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  • STRIPING Archived
    3642-3644 E Bella Vista Rd Queen Creek, AZ 85142, USA - San Tan Valley
    Gantzel needs to be restriped so that it is safer, so that it frees Pinal from liability from certain accidents. With the HS and Banner and the businesses open, there is significant traffic on Gantzel, forced to travel north and south on a road that was striped completely incorrectly.
    What was that stripe designer thinking?
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  • Sr51 And Colter St Phoenix, AZ - Downtown Phoenix
    A little hard to explain but before entering Northbound SR51, before you make your left onto SR51 from Colter Street there are metal strips across the road that need to be filled. You have to literally go 5 miles an hour over these. Even going around 25 causes a big bang against the tires. I have to slow down to almost a stop to go over these before entering the freeway, it is worst than a speed bump. Very annoying. Thx.
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  • 240 S Phelps Dr Apache Junction, AZ 85120, USA - Apache Junction
    2nd Report. Called and left msg first time. Street light is out at entrance to Plaza where Visitor Center/Chamber of Commerce entrance is off of Phelps Drive. Impossible to see turn early in morning because light is out.
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  • street light Archived
    Queen Creek AZ 85142, USA - Queen Creek
    we need a lite - have you tried a left turn on to rittenhouse in rush hour and the sun is blinding you
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  • 15818-16732 S Power Rd Mesa, AZ 85212, USA - Gilbert
    Will this part of Power Road be repaired in the near future
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  • 22 S. Delaware St. Chandler, AZ - Chandler

    I've noticed over the past year several homeless people have set up housekeeping in downtown library. Items noticed arranged on and around table the homeless person's encampment in the front corner of library ...
    (3) full litre bottles of Coke
    (2) thermos coolers
    (2) large rucksacks of clothes / personal items
    (1) a tupperware of food on table all day
    (1) transistor radio on ledge plugged in to wall hence the location of the table with belongings dragged over to wall.

    I'm trying to think beyond 'hey there's a homeless person setting up housekeeping in the library' to what services are available to help this person ... he can't live at the library forever. He will keep bringing more an more stuff in to his area he's set up housekeeping in ... so you can't just ignore it ... it takes up space othewise used for people using the library to study. And there's not just one person there's at least 3 that "live" there. When asked, the librarian said there are no homeless shelters in Chandler and it's a public building. Lets try to think of a creative solution to this. At this rate he's not going anywhere ... he could be there another 10-20 years and perfectly happy.

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