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We are a Downtown Jersey City neighborhood association that was formed in 1999 to provide a forum and a voice for residents within our boundaries. We love living in Harsimus Cove, and we’re working together to make our great neighborhood even better.

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  • 229 Bay Street Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    Not only is the walk signal still not working but if this is how they left it after attempting a repair, it's pretty pathetic.

    This is an extremely dangerous intersection. Cars doesn't even slow down when making a turn. Yesterday someone making a left turn almost ran me over and had the gall to yell at me for not having a walk signal.

    I've been complaining about this for months. FYI complaint numbers: W024521-092213 and W027113-123013

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  • 8 Erie Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    We had a community meeting where we were told that parking restrictions are issued for deliveries only. Brunelleschi has managed to get FIVE spots on Bay Street blocked for ONE MONTH for 'deliveries'. Their contractors are parking there.

    Brunelleschi managed to get the sidewalk on Erie blocked. It made sense when there was active demolition occurring and
    a dumpster was behind the fence. Now? Nightly parking for
    their trucks. Mind you, they also have 6 spots on Erie, which at
    one time was for pedestrians, blocked again for parking.

    HOW DID THEY GET FIVE SPOTS ON BAY RESERVED FOR ONE MONTH OF 'DELIVERIES'? Why not make their employees move out off of Erie when the phantom delivery occurs?

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  • 1-117 Newark Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    Grove PATH Plaza a disaster. 3 cans overflowing in photo. Grove Pointe responsible for maintenance 8am-10pm 24/7/365.

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  • 372-384 Manila Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    If they can't get the sidewalk fixed yet, at least clean up under the trees.

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  • 343 Grove Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown

    Why is the City of Jersey City not requiring the owner of these lots to construct a fence on their property so the sidewalk on Grove Street can get reopened?

    The city ordered the demolition of these two buildings in November 2013 after significant damage from a fire. Why is there no chain link fence around this lot? Pedestrians in a busy part of downtown are forced to use a narrow walkway on the street. This walkway is also not well maintained by the city, or even the lot owner who is STILL responsible for clearing away snow. There are also five METERED parking spots that are no longer generating revenue for Jersey City because they are blocked due to 'sidewalk shift' to the street.

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  • 89 Coles Street Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    Shopping cart on corner of Coles & 5th

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  • 152 Newark Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    Newport they're now closing even more doors to us. It's bad enough we have to walk through a parking lot, but now there's only one door to let you in.

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  • 614 Jersey Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    258 5th street. Big pile of mixed garbage put out on curb

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  • Illegal turns Archived
    229 Bay Street Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    Placing the white stop line further back from the intersection will make illegal right turns on red less likely.

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  • 260 5th Street Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
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  • 260 5th Street Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    WM was picking up the recycling this morning in a regular trash truck and using the compactor on it along 5th street. I have seen this before and called JCIA and they told me to call WM. The woman who had answered the phone confirmed that they are not supposed to compact recyclables. They will not be able to process it. So our recycling efforts are wasted and the city doesn't get their recycling 'revenue'.

    Note that this was not a case of poorly separated trash. The regular trash and the paper pick ups had already occurred on this street.

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  • 360-398 Manila Ave Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown

    The sidewalk on Manila Avenue between 1st and 2nd Street is all broken up and extremely hazardous.

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