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  • 1427 Ella Grasso Boulevard New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    There are loud, unlicensed, not street-legal dirt bikes going up and down Boulevard doing wheelies. This happens all the time!!! It is dangerous and loud and I wish something could be done about it!!!

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  • 79 Hubinger St New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood

    See what WTNH news today (4-23-2015) has posted about what Bridgeport is doing about dirt bikes and ATVs running wild around their town.
    I was blocked last weekend by one of these young men from traveling down Hubinger to my house so that he could do a couple of donuts and wheelies. What a bully. These are bullies and don't care about their neighbors at all. The illegal off road vehicles use 79 Hubinger St for their base of operations. They use an app to know where the police are at anytime. The police are being out smarted here.
    Just wait until one of them is involved in a serious accident. Its not if it will happen, its when. What if one of them hits your car? Your insurance rate will go up to pay for the damage.
    They do not own the hood, we, the taxpayers do!!!

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  • 433-473 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood

    Pirate radio interferes with WNPR, 90.5, noticed mainly on Whalley Avenue; esp late pm and weekends

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  • Whalley And Ella Grass Blvd New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    Well, it used to be a can of spray paint, but now they're moving on up! Street gang calling themselves Blvd Boyz, having raked in enough money from drug and hooker sales, have designed and purchased their very own posters, and now they are plastering them all over. The telephone pole at this intersection is covered halfway up (must have been a short gang member) with their territorial pissings. I mean...postings.

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  • 1456 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    This is less of a store and more of a private party. "Customers" hang out in and around the store drinking and talking with the employees. Sometime it spills over to the parking lot across the street.

    The store has only been there a few months and it's getting really bad. This was a very unwelcome addition to the neighborhood.

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  • 436-470 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    People drinking, using drugs and having sex between the old Dunkin Donuts and Sherman Williams at the Whalley / Ella Grasso Intersection.

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  • 571 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT 00 - Edgewood

    dirt bikes in park called non emerg. number for police -- got no answer

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  • 201-205 Ellsworth Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood

    We have been dealing with loud neighbors for months now. They are always yelling at their kids (all under 2) at all hours of the day, telling them to "shut up" and worse. Instead of going into the house to get eachother they just lay on their horn. The other night the two adults had an explosive argument that lasted all night long. They never take out their garbage and it litters the yard and second floor porch. Their landlord came over a few weeks ago and told us that they aren't even paying rent and he's trying to evict them. Please help!

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  • Hubinger St New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    At least ten ATV/dirt bikes on Christmas going up and down Hubinger

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  • 195-197 Ellsworth Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood

    The residents at 195-197 Ellsworth Avenue have decided to use the second floor balcony of this house as a place to pile up garbage. This has been going on for months. It is getting worse. It is attracting rodents. LCI has been called 4 times in three months about this. Nobody from LCI has called us back or come to the house to investigate. We just keep leaving voice mails. Please help. This has become a public health concern/hazard.

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  • 1474 Ella T. Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    There is a lot of Drug dealing activity in front of Dinos Deli on 1474 Ella T. Grasso. Around 3 to 4 males stand there all ours of the day selling drugs. Several fancy cars (Yale University Students) park their cars and get their drugs at this location. Dinos Deli owner gets a cut of this drug dealers business. Please stop this since this is putting our neighborhood in danger. There is a rumor that the recent shootings in the New Haven area (Burger King) were done by members of this gang.

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  • Drug dealing Acknowledged
    483 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills

    Reported from my mobile device

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