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  • Lake Street And 8th Avenue - Inner Richmond

    This is a heavily trafficked intersection (Lake St & 8th Ave.) of automobiles and pedestrians. It's popular to cross due to it's destination. It provides direct access to the dog park. Everyone, mostly adults with children and/or dogs, struggle to cross this intersection. Daily, it is especially worse during commute hours, cars speed and rarely make the effort to stop or slow down for pedestrians. Please, I/we request 2 additional stop signs to make this a 4-way stop and an easier and safer intersection to cross.

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  • Brotherhood Way San Francisco, CA 94132 - Ocean View

    Segamore St. has 3 lanes in each direction. Only one lane merges onto the 2 west-bound lanes of Brotherhood Way. The entrance to Brotherhood Way can support a 2-lane merge from Segamore. During high traffic periods, the backup on Segamore is long and people drive crazy, speed, and make illegal lane changes to get in the far right lane at the last minute. An additional merge lane onto Brotherhood Way would make the merge much safer and faster.

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  • 209 14th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - Inner Richmond

    Garbage, could be homeless camp

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  • 3355-3399 Alemany Blvd San Francisco, CA - Ocean View

    This has to be some of the worst pavement patching I've seen in the bay area. Left lane of Alemany from Brotherhood way approaching the 280 underpass.

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  • 1739 John F Kennedy Dr San Francisco, CA 94122 - US Congressional District CA8

    Im not sure exactly what goes on around here, but it seems like a gay sex meeting place. Ive unintentionally interrupted a few couples during my bike rides.

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  • 1243 7th Ave San Francisco, CA 94122 - Inner Sunset

    Whenever I cross 7th ave. on Irving -- a busy commercial area -- I fear for my life, with cars speeding along as if they're still on the expressway portion of 7th (up the hill). Also, when I'm forced by street cleaning to look for parking on that part of 7th, drivers behind me are quick to honk rudely behind me, again as if they think it's still an expressway.

    I'd like to see signage and speed limit enforcement on 7th between about Judah/Kirkham and Lincoln.

    This is a residential / commercial area, not a highway.


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  • Sacramento St San Francisco, CA 94118 - Presidio Heights

    Sacramento Street has potholes from Arguello all the way down to Presidio Ave. This road needs to be fixed.

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  • 500 Duboce Ave. San Francisco, CA 94115, USA - Western Addition

    Duboce park has a beautiful dog park that is frequented by many people and their dogs. As many as five hundred dogs and their respective guardians, come to the park on each day to run, play, catch up with their pals and breathe fresh air. The park is a nice size, has a drinking fountain for dogs and has comfortable benches for dog guardians to rest, catch up on dog raising trivia from other guardians and watch their canines play. Sounds great, right? Yes and...the parks largest boundary is Duboce ave which is not only busy with car traffic but is the route for muni. Although it is indisputable that dogs are bright and know much more than we do about some things, they do not understand the consequence of being run over by a car or muni and we know this bc if they did know, this would not be an issue. We need to finish this park with some sort of fencing.

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  • 2550 45th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94116, USA - Parkside

    White Toyota Tacoma has been parked in the same residential curb space for 5 days as of Monday April 1. One neighbor placed a note on the car for the owner to move it, but apparently the owner had not been around to see it.

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  • 717-799 Central Avenue San Francisco, CA - Western Addition

    Once again a customer of the recycling center next door has left an abandoned black bin on the street. It's now full of trash, and has been there 5 days.

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  • Teresita Blvd San Francisco, CA 00 - Outer Mission

    a large group of skunks have moved into Sunnyside park. They are spraying and making the park smell so bad you cant use it.

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  • 1496-1492 La Playa Street San Francisco, CA - Outer Sunset

    Two large trash bags were left on the median strip in front of my home. Bags split and trash all over. I examined the trash and found a Walgreen's photo developing envelope. I sent her an email requesting she take back her trash. No response. People often leave trash here and everyone in the neighborhood is tired of cleaning up. We all plant and maintain the median strip in front of our homes. Lazy, insensitive filth like this lady create work and expense for all of us.

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