Blue Bell Hill Civic Association PLUS

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Blue Bell Hill section of the 4th council district

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  • 6222-6238 Pennsylvania 4003 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - East Falls

    Has been a dangerous construction site for weeks, now impassible on foot—no sidewalk what so ever as a dumpster is now on what was once the sidewalk + the street. Pedestrians now have to walk into the very busy Wissahickon Avenue to get through. It's a mess.

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  • Lincoln Drive Philadelphia, PA, USA - Germantown

    Super-sized pothole in right, north-bound lane of Lincoln Drive just before Johnson St.

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  • 693 W Kingsley St Philadelphia, PA 19144 - East Falls

    there is a small valve cap on Kingsley Street that keeps popping up when cars are riding over it. If it cocked to the side it could be thrown into a passing vehicle or person

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  • Walnut Lane And Johnson St Philadelphia, PA - Mount Airy

    Sidewalk is missing. Needs to be replaced. Also, overgrowth & hanging vines & limbs obscure visibility. Very dangerous for pedestrians as this is near traffic coming aroung the Walnut Lane circle. No lighting in that area makes it dangerous to walk--must walk in the street sometimes.

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  • 419 W Johnson St Philadelphia, PA 19119, USA - Mount Airy


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  • Germantown Philadelphia, PA, USA - Germantown

    There are several deep craters on Lincoln Drive south of Johnson and north of Harvey Street. Several cars were on the side of the road with flat tires when I was on the road last night. The worst one I was able to see was in outer northbound lane just south of Johnson Street.

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