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  • Other Anerkannt
    294 Enfield Street Hartford, CT 06112, USA - North East

    Every summer I listen to people race up and down Enfield street. There are many families whose children play on my end of Enfield. I would LOVE to see speed tables placed on Enfield street. This would help to reduce the speeding that occurs by drivers. By installing speed tables, I believe traffic would be reduced, hence making it a safer street for pedestrians AND reducing the wear and tear on the actual street itself.

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  • Sidewalk broken Anerkannt
    491 Capitol Ave Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Frog Hollow

    Sidewalk dangerous to walkers

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  • Union Place Hartford, CT - Downtown

    There is an unreadable, unusable map on the lower, main level of Union Station. The image is so pixelated you can't read street names.

    A couple friends rode the train up from New Haven last weekend and reported this. I've also seen it in person. They came to Hartford to go to the Twain house and had to orient themselves with absolutely no help from this terrible map.

    You see stuff like this in the city and wonder whether anyone is actually serious about ever inviting other people to visit here. Having such a map in place sends a clear and obvious message to 'outsiders' that if you don't already know you're way around, why bother? If iQuilt signs are throughout the city, and it is about walking, then why not at Union Station? These friends, Brits, walked down Farmington to the Twain house with 0 help from the city's infrastructure. Nuts, and what a missed opportunity.

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  • 204-256 Buckingham St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Cars and trucks have to go around this pothole. IT IS HUGE. I was promised by 311 a crew would fix it Monday. It wasn't. Fix this please!

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  • Pothole Anerkannt
    Colonial Street Hartford, CT - Barry Square

    There are substantial amounts of potholes on this street. I have been a resident for almost two years and all I have seen was several holes patched, which are the first to be destroyed due to the snow & plowing. There are homeowners and tax payers on this street; this should be addressed. I had a brand new tire blow out on me and if someone can contact me on what I have to do in order to get the correct people involved please let me know.

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  • Blighted House Anerkannt
    235 Wethersfield Avenue Hartford, CT 06114, USA - Barry Square

    Windows in attic & others are open - pigeons and other animals are moving in

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  • 391 Main St. Hartford, CT - Downtown

    Corner of Main St. and Capitol Ave. at the Royal Masala Restaurant. Graffiti appeared on the brick building sometime in the last 48 hours.

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  • Other Anerkannt
    Wethersfield Ave And Shultas Pl Hartford, CT 06114, USA - Barry Square

    Blighted house. Looks like someone has moved in. Electric cord and water hose.

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  • Hungerford Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Massive square sheet of ice with no path through or around on walking path between Broad and Asylum downtown next to Bushnell Park. Path is relatively clear except for this spot. I biked over it tonight on the way home from the train station and it was horrifying. US Army reserve captain coming the other way in full boots also having trouble. Please salt and remove if possible. Thanks.

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  • 360 Broad Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Between Capitol Avenue and Farmington Avenue, there are no functioning street lights on Broad Street. It appears that there are a mix of standard and decorative poles.

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  • Farmington Ave hartford , CT - Asylum Hill

    pot holes every few feet, and "repaired " road make it worse. Farmington ave is like a war zone, and I'm sure it's incredibly detrimental to all drivers cars. when repairs are made, to gas lines, sewer, man holes etc, it's incredibly unlevel, and I can feel my wallet getting lighter because I don't have 4 wheel drive, and you'd need it to regularly drive this street. I've gone through shocks, struts, breaks and tires in the last year.

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  • 397-405 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow

    A laundry list of complaints were made previously on SeeClickFix but this needs to be acknowledged by Hartford 311.

    -graffiti on external wall visible from side street
    -missing windows on top floor
    -broken back door
    -deteriorating brick
    -missing gutter and downspout
    -overgrown vegetation

    Drug activity has also been witnessed on block. That has been reported to police repeatedly.

    Posting to SeeClickFix so there continues to be a public documentation.

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