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  • New speed bumps Anerkannt
    50-72 Brookfield St Hartford, Connecticut - Behind The Rocks

    It there something that can be done about most of the cars, school buses, ambulances and tractor tailors completely avoiding our passing the cars on the right who slow down and go over these speed bumps the city has placed. I think it's a great idea if used properly. I understand there is a bike lane but why can't the bikes slow down and go over the bumps also. Thanks for your time.

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  • Zoning Anerkannt
    Stone St Hartford Ct - Behind The Rocks

    Traveling from New Britain Ave to Flatbush Ave using Stone Street as a thru street. The dump trucks are loading at the quarry and using Stone Street as a thru street to the highway. They are also traveling from Flatbush to New Britain Ave intersection-crossing to Newington Rd. There are sign clearly posted, going both ways for NO THRU TRUCKS. These signs have been posted for 20+ years. The HPD Traffic division has not taken my calls seriously. These trucks with all of the noise from the brakes and heavy loads cause a quality of life issues for residents in this area.

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  • 266-290 Franklin Ave Hartford, Connecticut - South End

    Dog Scooper signs need to be installed on poles facing the sidewalk visible to dog walkers. This stretch of Franklin avenue has become a favorite of irresponsible dog owners who refuse to pick up after their dogs.

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  • 142 Park Terrace Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow

    An illegal driveway was installed midway between Putnam Heights and Park Street. Besides adding to the danger of an intersection abundant with car crashes, this interferes with pedestrian right-of-way. The sidewalk is non-existent, certainly not ADA-compliant. There's trap rock all over the sidewalk and into the street. We need enforcement of code up in here.

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  • 164 Ward Street Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow

    This building has had no roof since at least mid-September. It's covered in graffiti.

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  • Zoning Anerkannt
    83 Stone Hartford, Connecticut - Behind The Rocks

    property owner is running a used car lot. has multiple unregistered cars with for sale signs on the in the front and back yards. paved
    the entire front and back yards to park these cars. This is a residential neighborhood and you are not supposed to have unregistered cars on the property

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  • Parks Anerkannt
    63-69 Jewell Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown

    Bumpy and torn, almost unusable. Tripping hazard. (Now would be a good time to refresh the whole playground). I have additional pics.

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  • 312-318 Farmington Ave Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill

    The street lights in front to 312 to 318 Farmington Ave our out due the the construction by MDC. The tenants in the businesses are concern due to the day light hours are shorter.

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  • Sidewalks Anerkannt
    17-21 Sherman Street Hartford, CT 06105, USA - West End

    Trash container ALWAYS blocks sidewalk I front of bldg.

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  • 59-61 Jewell Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Nobody is supposed to be parking on the lawn, but it is still happening during events.

    We have ample lot and street parking in Hartford. No reason for this. Is there anyone in DPW who can remind motorists during events that cars belong on asphalt?

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  • 142 Putnam Street Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow

    142 Putnam Street is operating a hair salon in a residential district. Would appreciate an inspection from City to ensure that dangerous chemicals are not being dumped illegally.

    The house has a sandwich board in the driveway announcing the salon. It seems to operate on Saturdays.

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  • Farmington Ave And Gillett St Hartford, CT 06105, USA - Asylum Hill


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